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Question about member registration

Q:I want to know the procedure for membership registration.
Complete our membership entry form. After becoming a member you can search and download data materials.
Q:Is there a fee for membership and usage of videos or images.
Membership is free if the purpose of downloading of images or videos is promoting tourism to Japan
Q:I can not log in
Please reconfirm so there is no error in the entered mail address and password. If uppercase/lowercase letters are different, unnecessary spaces are included, etc., an error occurs and you cannot log in.
Q:Forgot Password
Please contact us from "Reset your password" on this website.
Link to the reset your password form
Q:Change e-mail address
You can not change your email address. Please obtain a new account with the desired mail address.
Q:Is it possible to register as a member if I live in Japan.
This website is aimed at foreign language media (languages other than Japanese) who understand the purpose of the Japan National Tourism Organization (“JNTO”), which provides video and image data, and who consent to and cooperate to publicize the beauty of Japan.

Usage question

Q:To seach for videos and images
You can search and download for each keyword, genre, area from the detailed page of "Video Archives" "Photo Library".
Q:How to download data materials at once
After selecting the desired image, you can add up to 10 points to "Add to WISH LIST". You can download it at once by clicking "Download ALL" from WISH LIST. You can only download one movie at a time.
Q:Images and videos can not be downloaded
If the material can not be downloaded normally, the line is crowded, the download is temporarily hindered due to the server status, and so on. Please check the settings of your terminal and try again, such as downloading again after a while. If it still can not be downloaded, please contact us from Contact US on site only for items other than this FAQ.
Q:Could data materials be sent directly
As this web site is a download web site, we do not send material data.

Questions about contents

Q:How data materials may be used
Downloading of data material are free on this web site, as long as the purpose is to promote demand of travel to Japan. It can not be used for other purposes.
Q:Is there a usable period
The usable period of data material is March 31, 2021.
After the usable period has expired, any use of the Data Material, including distributing pamphlets and DVDs that have already been made, is prohibited.
Q:Is it possible to edit the contents
Editing of content is permitted only within the scope of the usage agreement (trimming, size change, video divisions, etc.). Since there are certain rules such as copyrights indication, please use it in accordance with the download rules.
Q:I want to know the size of the material
The following is standard sizes. Some data materials are different.
Video: HD size (1920 × 1080 pixels)
Images: 4288 × 2848 pixels/2144 × 1424 pixels (resolution 350 dpi)
Q:Information about copyrights
The copyright in each Data Material belongs to JNTO. Necessary permissions related to portrait rights have been obtained to use the Data Material on this website. When using the Data Material on this website, please check the “copyright information” on the download page of each Data Material, and be sure to insert the designated credit if there is an indication.
Example) © JNTO, © XXXXX/© JNTO
Q:Steaming on other video web sites etc.
Downloading and using the Data Material is permitted only in order to expand the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan by publicizing the beauty of Japan. Distributing the original or processed Data Material in a form that can be independently traded (regardless of whether such distribution is by way of sale, lease, or distribution or lease at no charge); and Distributing an image video to sell and collected digital data, distributing DVDs and pamphlets to advertise or promote sales of the User’s own commodities, services or the like, distributing the Data Material as material for a third party on the internet, or other similar acts are prohibited.

Other Questions

Q:I would like you to introduce Japanese media
As this web site is a library site to download videos and images for the media, so we are not able to not answer any other inquiries.
For inquiries other than this site, please contact the JNTO office of each country.
JNTO Overseas Offices
Q:I would like to work on projects related to Japan
For tourist spots, introductions of tourist facilities etc., please contact the JNTO office of each country.
For JNTO office of each country, please see the JNTO Overseas Offices in the site.
JNTO Overseas Offices
Q:Information on tourism of Japan
A this web site is a library site to download videos and images for the media, we are not able to answer any other inquiries. For general information on tourist information in Japan, please see the "Basic Information about Japan" on this web site.
Basic Information about Japan